Why You Should Adopt a Pet


Dogs and cats in harmony

Kaitlyn Carlock, Editor

Everyone has been to a friend’s house and met their beloved furry friend. Everyone has also had the thought of what if I had my own? Now might just be the time to get a pet.

You have all heard that a dog can be a mess and hard to take care of, but they also have many advantages. If you get a dog you get to walk it, and this is a great opportunity to get some exercise in. If you feel yourself being indoors too much lately a dog might just be your way to break that habit. Dogs are also great for therapy. They can be trained to help out with any disabilities and they just naturally relieve stress.

However, if you’re looking for a less expensive, more independent pet, a cat might just be the way to go. Cats are low maintenance and typically don’t need to be trained. If you’re busy with work or school and have little time for extra things, cats can be a great companion for people with busy schedules. To add, cats normally can live up to 20 years so you won’t have to worry about losing your pet for a while.

Overall, owning a pet can be a great experience and is totally worth it.  I encourage you to ask you parents if you can check out an adoption center!