March Madness In Review

March Madness In Review

Atharva Iyer, Editor

As March Madness Comes to an end we take a look at predictions before the final four and compare them to the bracket now.


Houston Soars Below Expectations

When the experts predicted the final four many said Houston would come out victorious in their home city or at least reach the final four, however after a strong performance in the first 2 rounds they were silenced by Miami losing 89-75 in the Sweet 16. 


Number 1 seed potential is too much for Purdue

Purdue came into March as the #1 seed with the potential to go all the way however some experts didn’t believe in them. Those experts turned out to be correct, as Purdue was stunned in the first round by 16th-ranked FDU 63-518.


FAU Silences Critics On their Way to the Final Four

Most Critics didn’t expect FAU to make it out of the first round as the 9th-ranked team had a tough matchup against 8th-ranked Memphis but they silenced doubters by beating powerhouses like Tennessee and Kansas. Now they like they can win it all in Houston

Last year’s champions fail to repeat.

Last year Kansas won it all in Atlanta and was predicted to repeat by many critics. Some people thought that at the minimum they would make it to the final four. The top-ranked seed in the west started out by destroying Howard before getting eliminated in the second round. 


Gonzaga was Dismantled in the elite eight by Uconn

Gonzaga made it to the final four in 2022 and were favorites to win it all this year. After putting on 3 great showings they faced a hard matchup in 4th seeded Uconn. With a chance for Gonzaga to punch their ticket back to the final four, they blew it. They were buried by Uconn as they had no response to their attack. Losing by a staggering 28 points in a final score of 82-54.


Miami shows it can compete with the best

Miami was definitely not predicted to go to the final four. Most experts had them losing in the first round or maybe the second round. However, they proved the critics wrong and powered their way to the final four. They proved they can play against the best teams.

With the final four set to be played in Houston who will come out victorious?  All of the teams left weren’t even expected to make it here however they defied expectations. Will Miami show that there is a powerhouse? Will FAU Continue their Cinderella story and Win it all in Houston? Or will Uconn continue to steamroll its way to a championship victory? Remember it’s March madness, anything can happen.