The Uefa Champions League


Atharva Iyer, Editor

The 2023 Uefa Champions League has brought A lot of excitement. From tense matches to last-second goals and everything in between. So today I provide a review of what has happened so far and a preview of the quarter-finals and the rest of the tournament.


The streets Of Barcelona Are quiet following the group stage

Barcelona was expected to make it out of their group. However, being in the group of death caught up to them. As they finished 3rd 3 points behind Inter Milan and 11 points behind 1st-placed Bayern Munich. They exited out of the champions league and fell right into the Europa League.


The Other Madrid Team Falls To the bottom of their group.

Real Madrid was the favorite this year and now they sit in the quarter-final facing the underdog team in Chelsea. However, the other Madrid team, Atletico Madrid Scored just 5 points and could not get at least 3rd place. 


Benfica Provides A Massive Tournament Suprise

It’s not a secret that Benfica is one of the best teams in Portugal and consistently is finishing top of the league. However, they faced an uphill climb in their group with Paris Saint-Germain and Juventus. PSG Has Some of the best players like Messi, Mbappe, Neymar, and so many more. And Juventus has stars like Dusan Vlahovic and Paul Pogba. So when Benfica finished 1st in front of powerhouse PSG Everybody was in complete surprise.


Now let’s take a look at the final 8 teams left in the tournament


The final teams Remaining Include Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester City, Bayern Munich, SL Benfica, Inter Milan, AC Milan, And Napoli.

Chelsea suffered defeat in their first match to Real Madrid and down 2 goals it going to be hard however their second leg is still at Stamford Bridge. Meaning they’ll have their home fans to support them. Manchester City dominated Bayern 3-0. With Bayern needing to score at least 4 goals against City the matchup seems impossible. However, we’ve seen Cartier things happen before. Benfica has provided a pleasant surprise in this competition however after a 2-0 loss to Inter things won’t be easy when they head to Milan next week. However, Benfica has a tilted roster that can very well move on. Ac Milan vs Napoli is one of the most balanced matches in the tournament with Napoli only mustering 1 point, this is great for AC Milan as they can easily score 2 goals and win. However, Napoli wnt be an easy matchup.


What will happen in the upcoming weeks? Could we see tournament favorites Real Madrid repeat or will Benfica surprise everyone? One thing is for sure these upcoming weeks will be very exciting.