Spotify Banned in the PUSD

Spotify Banned in the PUSD

Gargi Kanetkar, Editor-in-Chief

    Spotify Banned In PUSD 


Recently after a PUSD meeting, Spotify has been banned on all student computers throughout the Pleasanton Unified school district, which has been a source of dismay to many students. Spotify is a popular website that allows students to create playlists, and listen to music, and podcasts from all over the world. 

Many argue that listening to music helps students work faster during independent work time. Listening to music during work allows the students to tune out distractions in the classroom. It is scientifically proven that listening to soft music in the background aids in enhancing your attention. Additionally, scientists claim that listening to music helps in memorization. According to Amelia Virtual Care listening to music can assist focus and concentration in students with ADHD. To summarize numerous scientists support the fact that music is an incredible tool for students who struggle with focus, as a result, Spotify is a useful tool for all students and should be unblocked on school computers. 

 To add to that, Spotify is often used as a way for students to connect with each other through common tastes in music. Similar to other social media platforms, Spotify is a more appropriate and sustainable way for students to relate to each other. All students enjoy listening to music, and Spotify is a way for students to relate through the playlists they create. In conclusion, Spotify is a way for students to enjoy music and get to know each other better. 

Lastly, in the PUSD specifically many other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter continue to be unblocked while harmless websites like Spotify are blocked. Researchers claim that websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok are more addictive and disruptive in classroom decisions than websites like youtube and Spotify. 

To synthesize, Spotify being blocked on computers in the PUSD school district has caused students to be flustered as Spotify is a part of many student’s learning experiences. Spotify is useful to block out classroom distractions, build a stronger school community, and is not harmful to students like other social media. All in all, Spotify is a substantial website and should be unblocked on school computers.