Teacher Appreciation Week

Sahil Deshmukh, Editor

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, time to appreciate all the work teachers have put into getting students of the nation educated and ready for the world! Many teachers go unappreciated for the work they’ve put into making our world a better place. Teacher Appreciation Week started as a holiday requested by a teacher in the 1950s, officialized by Eleanor Roosevelt. Now, it’s a way for teachers across the country to be thanked for the hard work they put in.
Here are some ways you can thank your teachers this teacher appreciation week.

1. Get them snacks/foods they’ve wanted

Every teacher wants food. If you know a snack that they like then you can give them some of that. Everybody loves food, so try to find a snack (or drink) that your teacher loves. My fifth grade teacher, for example, loved coffee.
Decorate your classroom
Surprise your teacher with some decorations they’ve wanted for a while. They — and their classroom — will thank you.

2. Get them class supplies

Teachers are always in need of class supplies and are always running low. Contributing just a bit makes a lot of difference. This could be anything from staple refills to tape to tissue paper.

3. Surprise!

You could always plan a class surprise for the teacher. You could set up coordination with classmates to make sure your teacher really knows you ALL appreciate them.

4. A Heartfelt Gift

If none of the above fit your teacher, try to give your teacher a gift that they in particular will like. A good gift is one that is really heartfelt. Maybe your math teacher loves coffee, or your science teacher loves stamp collecting. You should give them something that you believe they will like: a generic gift is not a heartfelt one.

5. A thank you

Last, but not least, a simple thank you is always a great way to thank your teacher. These simple greetings are always appreciated by anybody.


In the end, there’s many ways to thank a teacher. Pick one that suits your teacher, and above all, make sure it’s truly felt from the heart.